(non-alcoholic beverages)

classic mojito $7
fresh lime juice, simple syrup, fresh mint, topped with club soda

skinny margarita $7
lemon & lime juice, simple syrup, and agave

naan sunrise $7
orange juice, grenadine and agave syrup

pina colada $7
pineapple chunks, pineapple juice, and cream of coconut; garnished with maraschino cherries

shirley temple $7
lemon & lime soda, grenadine, topped with maraschino cherries

masala iced chai $4
a summer twist on an indian favorite; chilled masala chai served with ice

chai and more

assam melody $3
classic black tea from the eastern state of assam in india. rich aroma and starchy sweetness with notes of raisins

chamomile $3
a soothing and calming herbal tea, made with dried chamomile flowers and honey

turmeric bliss $3
a bright and sunny turmeric tea with the fruity, sweet taste of juicy mangoes and the zest of oranges with a hint of ginger and peppercorns

house-made masala chai $4
an indian favorite, made with black tea, milk, and a mixture of aromatic herbs and spices including cardamom, clove, and cinnamon

vijay singh $4
half iced tea, half lemonade

lemonade $4

soda $4
coke, diet coke, sprite, ginger ale

lassi $5
sweet or salted

mango lassi $5

unsweetened iced tea $4

still water $5

sparkling water $5


tandoori paneer (gf) $17
paneer (cottage cheese) cubes marinated in spices and roasted

goan crab cakes $12
house-made crab cakes (2) flash-fried and served with tomato panch-phoran (five spice) chutney & sriracha aioli

lassoni gobi (v, gf) $10
lightly battered and flash-fried cauliflower tossed in a ginger-garlic sauce

crispy spinach chaat (gf) $9
chickpea flour coated flash-fried baby spinach; tossed with shallots, tomatoes, sweet yogurt, tamarind & date chutney

onion pakora $8
finely sliced onion coated in a lightly spiced batter and fried to crispy perfection

goat cheese naan $6
oven-baked flatbread stuffed with goat cheese and herbs

*taxes and gratuity charged extra