a beginner’s guide to indian cuisine at naan

a feast of flavors and taste along with a collection of nutrients, that is what indian cuisine is for you. most people assume that indian food is spicy, whereas in reality, rather it is a combination of ancient cooking techniques and spices that give it the aroma and delicious flavor. trying a new cuisine can be overwhelming sometimes, and when it’s a cuisine that’s flavorally complex and nuanced like indian cuisine, one can sometimes be unsure of what to order. and that is why we have curated an guide, whether you are new to indian food or just not sure what to order today, we want you to try these menu items when you dine at naan today. 

start off with a flavorsome appetizer

whether you choose the crispy spinach chaat or goan crab cakes, you are going to relish both. the spinach is lightly fried after being dipped in chickpea batter then tossed together with onions, tomatoes, sweet yogurt and tamarind & date chutney (condiment dip). the goan crab cakes are prepared in-house, and are soft cakes which are served with a special tomato panch-phoran (five spices) chutney. for the vegans, we recommend trying the ragda patties (which is also gluten-free – yay!) which are crispy curried potato patties served on a bed of curried chickpeas, topped with chopped onion, tomato, tamarind chutney, and cilantro.

step it up with a delicious entrée / grill item

now that you have started the meal right with a flavorful appetizer, it only makes sense that you top it up with an equally delicious entrée / grill item from our menu. if you’re a meat lover, the classic tandoori chicken will surely make you fall in love with its depth of flavors and tender meat on the bone. next, you can order the lamb vindaloo, which is a goan curry influenced by the portuguese dish carne de vinha d’alhos, or you can order the chicken lababdar which is a rich, creamy sauce with boneless chicken morsels. tip: soak these up with a side of naan or lachha paratha, or relish them with the basmati rice which comes with your entrée – it’s totally up to you!

on the other hand if you’re a vegetarian or vegan, worry not, we have plenty for you to choose from! for the ones who wish to start simple, our dal tarka is a distinct yet light lentil curry that is best enjoyed with a side of roti. if you want to try something luxurious or richly flavorful, we suggest ordering the khubani malai kofta which is a rich, creamy gravy with hand-made apricots and cottage cheese dumplings, or the pindi chana masala, which is a flavorful chickpea curry in a tomatoes and onion based gravy. tip: both can be paired with our naan and mango lassi, which offer a satisfyingly full meal!

round it up with a sweet treat

a sweet treat is the indian way to conclude a hearty meal. our kulfi with poached blueberries is a guest favorite, and is a delightful dessert of malai kulfi (indian ice cream) topped with poached blueberries and creme-de cassis. if you’re feeling adventurous, perhaps the gulab jamun with ice cream is the perfect choice – the fusion of a classic indian sweet made with khoya, rose-flavored syrup, and cardamom powder, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. we’re yet to find someone who doesn’t enjoy that fusion!

let us know if you tried any of these, or if you have recommendations of your own! 

we warmly welcome walk-ins, but do recommend reserving a table for a better experience! book through our website: www.naannj.com or give us a call at: (856) 372-2967 or (856) 638-5378 and we’d be happy to book a table for you!