kulfi with poached blueberries (kuhl·fee) (gf) $7
traditional indian ice cream (malai kulfi) topped with poached blueberries and crème-de-cassis

gulab jamun with ice-cream (goo·laab ja·muhn) $7
a classic indian sweet made with khoya, rose-flavored syrup, cardamom powder, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

ras malai $7
an indian sweet dish consisting of cheese dumplings in sweetened, thickened milk

kheer (keer) (gf) $7
a traditional & royal indian rice pudding flavored with cardamom

flourless chocolate torte (gf) $7
a dense and fudgy gluten-free flourless chocolate cake slice

strawberry cheesecake slice $7
a soft, fluffy, light cake with a silky cream cheese frosting, topped with strawberry

mango chili sorbet $7
a refreshing sorbet made with royal alphonso mango purée, with a touch of heat of chili

trio of desi ice creams $6
a selection of three favorite ice cream flavors from india: maghai “paan” (betel nut leaves), tutti frutti (dried fruits ice cream), and kesar pista (pistachio)