spice it up: how to host an unforgettable graduation party, indian style

finally, the moment when your grad’s hard work pays off and they are awarded with the degree they have been working towards is here—that moment definitely deserves to be celebrated! it’s not every day that your child graduates, so it is important to make the occasion memorable and truly special. so, take the time to plan the celebration and show your loved one how proud you are of their accomplishments.

we know because we have hosted a dashing party or two (well, we’ve hosted more than that) can also be a lot of work, and it’s important to think through all the details to ensure that everything runs smoothly. when you choose naan to make a party truly memorable, we make sure to take care of everything so that you can enjoy the celebration along with everyone else no matter what you choose—grand or intimate.


from choosing the right venue and setting the mood with the décor, to planning a delicious menu and keeping your guests entertained, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to plan the perfect graduation party. so, let’s get started! 


set the date, time & location

now that you have decided to celebrate your grad with a hurrahhhh, make sure to finalize the date ahead of time, so that all your guests can make it to the special occasion.

next, determining the budget is another important thing to be considered. your budget will create an outline of your party and when you will stay within that outline, you will refrain from overspending. when you decide to host your graduation party at naan, our restaurant space comes at zero additional rent, and if you are calculating the money you can save, trust us, it will make a big difference!

now that the budget has been decided, the next step is deciding the party venue. don’t forget to determine the number of guests invited while selecting the location. our dining area can accommodate up to 75 guests, plus up to 48 more if you add in our outdoor dining area. if you are looking to host a smaller, close-knit get together, our dining hall has a private dining area as well.


planning to check out our dining area? we would love to welcome you! 

tip: book your event well in advance so as to avoid last-minute hassle and leave the party planning to us!


guestlist & invites  

any occasion is incomplete without the right people to enjoy it with. while creating the guest list, don’t forget to invite friends, family, and even the professors who have made an impact in your grad’s academic journey to tell them how thankful you are for their presence in shaping up your upcoming grad.

when it comes to invitations, it can be a formal, paper-printed invite sent well ahead of time via mail, or a digital invite, depending upon your preference. the invites should have the use of proper etiquette as well as graduation invitation wording, so that your invitation stands out. 

tip: send out the invites at least a month before the party, so the guests can rsvp on time and you can inform the restaurant or the caterers of the final head count.


the menu

when it comes to creating an unforgettable party, the food you serve is key. we know that a graduation party is a big deal for your grad, and aim to make it a cherished and memorable experience for all attendees. if you are wondering why you should choose indian cuisine, let us answer that. indian cuisine is one of the most versatile cuisines in the world and was originally made to be enjoyed and shared with family and loved ones gathered around the table. it offers a number of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free dishes which are all present in our menu. all the meat used in our restaurant is halal and freshly sourced just like the other ingredients.


with so many attendees come so many details to take care of, like dietary restrictions, meal preferences, allergies and the list goes on. at naan, we take pride in crafting menus that are tailored to accommodate each guest’s dietary restrictions and preferences. let us know the meal preferences and and will prepare and serve the food just according to that. whatever your party needs, we will make sure to bring your vision to life for all your guests to enjoy without any reason to worry.


décor & entertainment

any successful party is incomplete without the right decorations and entertainment, and your graduate’s celebration is no different. you bring the party and we will add life to it with the best music, personalized decorations, party-themed menu cards, our team will take care of all things, so that you can enjoy your day to the fullest. 


at naan, we aim to create an experience for you and your guests like none other. don’t forget to create memories with your guests while dancing till your feet ache. relish all the meals and courses that you have included in your party, and remember to always enjoy and mingle and leave all the worries & planning to us! 

we know planning a successful party can be stressful but we will make a smooth experience for you at naan, so that you can be a gracious host and have a lot of fun with the guests. come, celebrate your joyous moments of life with naan in a spacious dining hall. if you have the venue chosen and want to cater your party with the best of indian cuisine, we offer off site catering to make your event exceptional. we understand the importance of dietary preferences and restrictions and every meal at naan is prepared with your well-being in our mind. visit us at naan indian bistro moorestown to connect with us for your next event booking.