dinner menu

monday – sunday: 04:30pm – 09:00pm (last seating is 8:45pm)
soups & salads

spicy corn soup (v, gf) $6
roasted sweet corn & fresh cilantro garnished with chili oil

curried butternut squash soup (v, gf) $6
roasted butternut squash soup tempered with ginger, lemon, and coconut

crispy spinach chaat (gf) $9
chickpea flour coated flash-fried baby spinach; tossed with shallots, tomatoes, sweet yogurt, tamarind & date chutney

garden salad (gf) $9
a classic salad made with crisp, fresh veggies, and spring mix, then topped with lemon vinaigrette and ranch dressing

small plates

vegetable samosas (sa•mou•sa) (v) $8
curried potatoes and peas stuffed fried pastry (2)served with cilantro-mint & tamarind chutney

lassoni gobi (la•suni go•bee) (v, gf) $10
lightly battered and flash-fried cauliflower tossed in a ginger-garlic sauce

ragda patties (rug•da) (v, gf) $10
crispy potato patties (3) served on a bed of curried chickpeas, topped with chopped onion, tomato, tamarind chutney, and cilantro

*masala hummus platter (muh•sa•luh) $11
house-made hummus, grilled eggplant curry, and crisp chili chickpeas, served with garlic naan

chicken murmuri rolls (moor•moori) $10
hand-rolled tortillas stuffed with shredded chicken onions and roasted peppers seasoned with kasoori methi & garam masala

calcutta pork ribs (cal•cut•aa) (gf) $12
hearty baby-back ribs (4) marinated in a mango chili glaze and garnished with lime & cilantro

goan crab cakes $12
house-made crab cakes (2) flash-fried and served with tomato panch-phoran (five spice) chutney & sriracha aioli

amritsari fish pakora (um•rit•surry puh•kaw•ruh) (gf) $12
chickpea flour battered white bass fish fry seasoned with indian spices, ginger, garlic, cumin, and topped with yogurt, mint & tamarind chutney


tandoori paneer (tun•dur•ee pa•neer) (gf) $17
paneer (cottage cheese) cubes marinated in spices and roasted

chicken tikka achari (tik•kaa a•cha•ree) (gf) $18
boneless chicken morsels (8) marinated in yogurt, fennel, onion seeds, and mustard

tandoori chicken (tun•dur•ee) (half) (gf) $17
half chicken (red & white meat on the bone) marinated in yogurt and our special blend of spices, then grilled

chicken malai kebab (muh•lie ke•bab) (gf) $18
boneless chicken pieces marinated in a white cheddar cheese, green chilies, & cream marinade, then grilled

lamb chops (gf) $27
double cut lamb (4) marinated in yogurt, green chilies, and our special blend of spices

tandoori salmon (tun•dur•ee) (gf) $23
grilled boneless salmon (8 oz.) marinated with ginger, garlic, freshly ground spices and yogurt

tandoori shrimp (tun•dur•ee) (gf) $23
tiger shrimp (6) marinated in our special marinade and roasted to perfection

all entrées are served with basmati rice

*tofu green peas curry (v, gf) $17
tofu & peas in an onion-tomato, ginger-garlic curry sauce with toasted cashew nuts and fenugreek greens

*khubani malai kofta (khoo•baa•nee muh•lie kof•ta) (gf) $18
hand-made apricots & cottage cheese dumplings (4) served in a turmeric, cilantro, cashew nuts, cardamom, & cream gravy

gobhi aloo (go•bhee aa•loo) (v, gf) $18
cauliflower, peas, & potatoes stir-fried and tossed in a blend of turmeric, cilantro, ginger, onion and chili powder

dal tarka (daa•l taa•r•ka) (v, gf) $16
curried yellow lentils in a onion and tomato along with garlic and spices

dal makhani (daa•l muh•kha•nee) (gf) $16
a decadent & rich lentil delicacy seasoned with onions, tomatoes, ginger, garlic, and cream

*paneer makhani (pun•eer m•kha•nee) (gf) $19
paneer (cottage cheese) cubes cooked in a creamy, rich, buttery tomato gravy, made with cashew nuts, burnt ginger, honey, & fenugreek greens

palak paneer (pa•luck pun•eer) (gf) $19
roasted paneer cubes (cottage cheese) in a velvety spinach curry with garlic & ginger, tossed in garam masala and dill spice mix

paneer lababdar (pun•eer la•baa•b•daar) (gf) $19
paneer (cottage cheese) cubes in a rich sauce made from caramelized onions, tomato, & ginger, garnished with fresh cilantro greens

pindi chana masala (pin•dee cha•na muh•sa•lah) (v, gf) $17
curried chickpeas in a tomatoes and onion-based gravy, tossed in a spice mix containing carom seed, cumin, pomegranate, and green mango

*wild mushroom korma (core•ma) (gf) $19
shitake, creminii, & oyster mushroom trio cooked in yogurt cream sauce simmered with cardamom, cumin, and cilantro

*chicken makhani (m•kha•nee) (gf) $20
boneless chicken pieces cooked in a creamy, rich, buttery tomato gravy, made with cashew nuts, burnt ginger, honey, & fenugreek greens

*chicken chettinad (chet•ee•naad) (gf) $21
boneless chicken morsels in a decadent sauce made from black pepper, ginger, garlic, chilis, curry leaves, coconut and cashew nuts

chicken lababdar (la•baa•b•daar) (gf) $22
boneless chicken morsels in a rich sauce made from caramelized onions, tomato, & ginger, garnished with fresh cilantro greens

*bhopali chicken korma (bow•paalee core•ma) (gf) $21
boneless young chicken in an indulgent cardamom, almond and cream sauce

*chicken vindaloo (vin•da•loo) (gf) $21
a sweet and spicy curry blended with cinnamon, mustard seeds, & paprika along with roasted potatoes & chicken

lamb vindaloo (vin•da•loo) (gf) $23
tender pieces of boneless lamb marinated in aged vinegar and red wine, cooked with onions, smoked paprika, fingerling potatoes and a blend of spices — a goan specialty

lamb rogan josh (ro•gun joe•sh) (gf) $23
boneless lamb pieces simmered in an aromatic gravy made with shallots, black cardamom, fennel, garam masala, and kashmiri red chilies

*east india lamb shank (gf) $26
slow-braised lamb shank (on the bone) cooked in a mix of caramelized onions, green cardamom, mace & cashew nuts

*goan shrimp curry (go•un) (gf) $23
a silky, aromatic coconut curry made with black tiger shrimp cooked in a mix of deghi chili pepper, peri-peri masala, roasted cilantro, ginger, garlic, & black cardamom

kerala tamarind fish curry (keh•ruh•luh) (gf) $23
white bass mixed with exotic malabari spices then cooked in a ginger, garlic, chili & tamarind sauce, with coconut milk and tempered with mustard seeds & curry leaves

served with cucumber raita (yogurt & grated cucumber seasoned with salt & black pepper)

vegetable biryani (bee•r•yani) (gf) $22
a royal delicacy with seasonal vegetables, basmati rice, special biryani masala, and aromatics steamed together

*chicken biryani (bee•r•yani) (gf) $26
an in-house special—boneless chicken, basmati rice, special biryani masala, and aromatics steamed together

shrimp biryani (bee•r•yani) (gf) $28
shrimp, basmati rice, special biryani masala, and aromatics are cooked together for this decadent dish

lamb biryani (bee•r•yani) (gf) $26
a royal, savory delicacy with layers of boneless lamb, basmati rice, special biryani masala, and aromatics steamed together


naan $4
a leavened, oven-baked flatbread

*kashmiri naan (kash•mee•ree) $6
oven-baked flatbread stuffed with coconut, almonds, raisins, & cashews

garlic naan with herbs $5
oven-baked flatbread brushed with a garlic herb butter

onion & sage naan $5
oven-baked flatbread topped with onion & sage mix

amritsari kulcha (um•rit•surry cool•cha) $6
oven-baked flatbread prepared with all purpose flour with potato & cauliflower stuffing mixed with pomegranate powder

chili cilantro naan $5
oven-baked flatbread stuffed with chili and cilantro

goat cheese naan $6
oven-baked flatbread with goat cheese and herbs

laccha paratha (la•ch•aa pa•ra•tha) $5
crispy flaky layered whole wheat flatbread

roti (ro•tea) (v) $4
whole-wheat flour bread

bread basket $17
naan, garlic naan, laccha paratha, onion sage


basmati rice (v, gf) $4
a savory Indian style rice dish
cucumber raita (rai•ta) (gf) $3
a savory condiment dip made with cucumber and yogurt
mango chutney (chat•nee) (v, gf) $3
a sweet and spiced condiment made of mangoes with vinegar, spices, and sugar, originating in India

onion and chili salad (v, gf) $3
salad made with thinly sliced onion and chili garnished with herbs, spices, sugar, and freshly squeezed lemon juice

papadum basket with tamarind & mint chutney (gf) $5

*these dishes contain nuts / cashew nuts / sesame our kitchen prepares menu items that include dairy, gluten, nuts, shellfish and soy. we cannot guarantee menu items to be completely allergen free. please consider this when ordering from our menu. please advise us of your food allergies (v: vegan & gf: gluten free). our kitchen prepares the food with a mild spice level. kindly advise the restaurant of your spice level based on your preferences when you order food. 21% gratuity will be added to parties of 5 guests or more.